Why is Student Mental Health Important?

by | Sep 20, 2022 | Mental Health

You may find yourself wondering sometimes, “why is student mental health important?” It seems like being younger comes with less stress, but the numbers beg to differ. According to the Center for Disease Control, or CDC, more than 1 in 3 children reported feelings of sadness or hopelessness. While these are normal feelings, they can sometimes be warning signs of more serious mental illness. 

It’s important to know these warning signs, identify the stressors that are making them feel this way, and find a treatment method that will help them. At PROmotion, we believe that no age is too young to experience mental health concerns. That’s why we make screening widely accessible and simple for everyone. 

Student Mental Health Worsens With Age

While it may be uncommon for a child under 18 to experience a mental illness, it becomes increasingly common as they get older. A mental health organization, Active Minds, states that 75 percent of latent mental illness become present by age 24. In addition, roughly 39 percent of college students nation-wide have reported experiencing a significant mental health issue. 

While it may seem like younger people have less stress, the data tells a different story. Active Minds also reports that 67 percent of people ages 18-24 do not seek active treatment for their anxiety or depression. This decision can lead to worsening conditions, and ultimately result in full blown mental illness. 

These statistics are part of the reason that we founded PROmotion. Student mental health is an often overlooked demographic when discussing matters relating to mental health. It’s important for parents, teachers, and doctors to notice these symptoms before they progress. Luckily, PROmotion has just the tool for that.

Want to know how to use PROmotion to monitor your student’s mental health? Check out below!

PROmotion Monitors Student Mental Health

If you’re a parent, teacher, or physician, PROmotion can be a helpful tool for you. PROmotion is a mental health screening service that provides quick and clear results, all from your phone. With the purchase of a license, the owner can administer surveys to as many or as little students as deemed necessary. 

With a preloaded survey and screening library, there are questionnaires relating to every type of situation. So, no matter what your student is feeling, there are surveys and screenings to help them articulate it accurately. 

If you don’t know a lot about student mental health, that’s okay! PROmotion analyzes the screenings for you. Upon completion of the screening, we will look at the data and determine if anything is out of the ordinary. Using a flagging system, it’s easy to understand where your student is thriving and where they may be struggling.

If they are struggling, that’s okay. PROmotion offers tools to help you find the best treatment available. From appointment scheduling, to data sharing, we are dedicated to helping you and your student find the best treatment plan possible.

Student Mental Health Matters – Contact Us Today!

While it may seem like students have less stressors in their life, mental illness does not discriminate. It’s important to catch the warning signs of mental illness, no matter what age you are. 
Take an active approach in your mental health and your student’s mental health. Contact us today!


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