For Athletic Trainers

Hundreds of athletes to screen and only a handful of athletic trainers? Not to fret. That’s why we’re here. PROmotion gives Athletic Trainers the tool they need to efficiently implement their student-athlete and patient mental health screening.

Fundamentals of PROmotion

  • Select from an extensive library of validated mental health and PRO surveys – or create your own.
  • Assign surveys to entire teams or individual athletes/patients.
  • Complete documentation after follow-ups and referrals right in PROmotion with just a few clicks.

A PROfessional Patient Portal

  • Athletes download PROmotion from the Apple iOS or GooglePlay app stores for free, OR access PROmotion via the web-browser on any device (smart phone, tablet, computer).
  • Athletes request to join their team in PROmotion.
  • Athletes complete surveys and receive tailored-feedback based on their results, connecting them to immediate resources such as the Crisis Textline and Suicide Hotline, when warranted.


Want each AT to have access to only the team or athletes they work with? Done.

AT Intern for just one team? No problem.
Access to specific athletes for your Sport Psychologist or Sports Dietician? Sure thing.

Customize the Information Tab so athletes can access whatever information you want them to have, such as AT Facility hours, Counseling Center location and contact, helpful resources, etc.

Personal Follow-Up List

Add patients to your personal follow-up list for an easy way to track who you need to follow-up with after screening.

Add a quick note for reference and complete documentation of the follow-up to remove from your Follow-up List.

Each AT has their own portal and Follow-up list for patient-centered care!

Additional Features

Documenting Follow-Ups

  • Save even more time while documenting those quick patient interactions!
  • Document within PROmotion with simple checkboxes or documentation to click and save!  Refer to PROmotion for all-things mental health and patient-reported outcomes related!
  • No need to spend time entering your EMR just to document a quick follow-up conversation


Appointment Scheduling

No more chaotic AT Facility. Integrate patient appointment requests, blocking and scheduling appointments, approving and rejecting requests into your clinical practice.

Incorporating Research Content

Pop-up consent feature when athletes first enter into PROmotion. Use for agreement to AT Facility rules, a check for understanding, or IRB approved research consent. Inclu”des the ability to filter results by consent!