Mental Health Screening

An all encompassing athletic health screening tool. From mental illnesses to physical illnesses, PROmotion can do it all!

Mental health screening is an important part of any athlete’s career. Whether they are amateur or professional, maintaining their peak physical condition is ideal for them to succeed in their respective sports, and in life. 

Here at PROmotion Health LLC, we believe that a sound mind and body are key aspects to living a healthy and happy life. That’s why we want to make screenings and surveys available to everybody. 

Are you an athletic trainer, healthcare provider, school administrator, or mental health provider? If so, PROmotion is for you. With PROmotion you can administer mass surveys to all of your athletes, ensuring that they are in prime condition. Are you curious as to what PROmotion can do for you? Keep reading

Mental Health Screening Made Simple

Being a completely digital athletic health screener, nobody gets left out. Administering and taking athletic health screenings has never been so easy! With a single purchase of a license, you gain access to our preloaded screening and survey library. With options tailored to your situation, we are sure you’ll find an option that fits you perfectly. 

To administer a screening, your athletes simply download the PROmotion app. Once a free account has been set up, you can choose which athletes to administer your screening or screenings to. Whether you’re screening the whole team, or just one player, PROmotion is completely remote and convenient. 

Once the screenings have been completed, the results are almost instantaneous. PROmotion will review the athletic health screening and give you results based on the analysis. You don’t need to be a doctor to understand the results. The PROmotion app will automatically flag results that are not normal. From there, PROmotion can even help you take the next steps towards recovery. 

What type of surveys and screenings does PROmotion offer? Check out below to find out!

Mental Health Screening Details

With PROmotion’s massive survey library, all you need to do is pick one! We offer screenings and surveys for any possible situation, so the hardest part is choosing just one! Some of our most common athletic health screenings are:

  • Baseline Screenings
  • Post-Injury Screenings
  • Wellness Surveys
  • Pain-Scale Screenings
  • Concussion Symptom Tracking

In addition to these athletic health screenings, we also offer mental health screenings. We believe that athletic mental health is just as important as their physical health. Combining a mental health screening with an athletic health screening can be the perfect recipe to ensure that your athlete is feeling the best they possibly can. 

In today’s climate it is also important to make sure that students are safe from transmitting communicable diseases. In addition to our athletic health and mental health screenings, PROmotion offers COVID-19 illness screenings as well as many more!

Interested in Learning More? Contact Us Today!

Part of being an athletic trainer is ensuring that your athletes are feeling as good as possible. Here at PROmotion, we want to make that process easier for you! Put some time back in your busy schedule, let us handle the surveys. 

If you’re looking for a mental health screening tool that’s simple and convenient, then PROmotion is for you. Contact us today to learn more!