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Mental Health Screener for Physicians

Finding a quality mental health screener for physicians should be easy. PROmotion Health LLC believes that mental health resources should be easily accessible to everyone, that’s why we’re here to help. 

With the purchase of a PROmotion license, you can transform your practice. Surveys no longer become difficult to find or difficult to understand. With PROmotion’s library of preloaded surveys, there is sure to be a survey for every type of situation. 

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Providing Clear Results

When conducting mental health screenings on patients, you want the questions to be as clear and easy to understand as possible. This ensures that there is no confusion when answering the questions, and you can be sure that your patient is in good health. 

PROmotion knows that not everybody is a doctor! With our hand-picked surveys, we make sure that our questions are phrased and appeal to the largest audience possible.

Mental Health Screener for Physicians Saves Time

When conducting traditional mental health screenings, taking time out of your busy day to grade them with a pen or pencil can seem like such a hassle. If you decide to use PROmotion, you can say goodbye to hand grading. Once a survey is complete, PROmotion automatically assesses it, leaving you more time to spend with patients! 

PROmotion will flag areas that are deemed at risk, so there’s no need to waste time searching for things that are wrong. We provide a full analysis of the survey so as you can see where patients may be struggling, you can also see where they are thriving. 

While PROmotion was built on a basis of treating mental health, we do not limit ourselves to one category. Read more to find out what else PROmotion can do!

More Than a Mental Health Screener

PROmotion comes preloaded with surveys and screenings for every type of situation possible. If you’re trying to get away from traditional surveys and screenings, PROmotion is the right product for you. 

In addition to our mental health screenings, we provide a plethora of physical screenings that prove useful in a physician setting. From pain-scale surveys, to concussion symptom tracking, doctors can find a use for PROmotion no matter what the situation. 


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PROmotion was founded on the idea that nobody’s mental health should go unnoticed. Save time and effort by tapping into our preloaded survey library.Then let us make it easier for you, by doing the screenings ourselves! 

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