How It Works

Ensure you are using validated screening tools to offer the best care to your students, athletes, and patients by using PROmotion.

Quick Facts

What does PROmotion do?

PROmotion allows you to administer any mental health screening survey or Patient Reported Outcome measure to athletes, students, and patients, seamlessly. Hundreds at a time, if you want. (think pre-season screenings and beginning of school year!)

PROmotion provides you the results in easy to understand categories (green, yellow, and red-flags).

Who is using PROmotion?

We are! PROmotion was created by clinicians, for clinicians and schools. And we’re leading the way in mental health screening. We are using PROmotion with our athletes, students, and patients, and we’re growing! Find out how you can be a part of our movement; contact us today.

Why focus on mental health?

We believe every student and athlete deserves to have their mental health and values acknowledged. That’s why we’re advocating for mental health and are collaborating with other groups who do the same. Contact us to learn more.

Platform Details

Who can use PROmotion?

Are you an Athletic Trainer? Physician? Sport Psychologist? PROmotion is for you. Learn more here.

Are you a School Administrator? Counselor? School Psychologist? Let us help you screen your students. Learn more here.

If you are an Athletic Director, get in touch with your Athletic Trainer today and ask them about PROmotion.

No Athletic Trainer at your school? That’s a shame. Get in touch with NATA or PATS to find out how to get a credentialed AT on your team.

Is PROmotion secure?

Of course. We take our patients’ and customers’ data and Patient Health Information very seriously. PROmotion’s dedicated server is HIPAA and FERPA compliant, so you can focus on your patients’ health and not worry about anything else.

Am I ready to screen my athletes or students for mental health issues?

You should already have a mental health management plan in place, including a referral source (mental health provider) and referral protocol.
If you’re not there yet, don’t worry.

Check out our list of resources for Athletic Trainers and Schools to get you started or get in touch with us today and we can point you in the right direction.

How else can I use PROmotion?

Any survey, mental health screen, or Patient Reported Outcome measure can be created and administered within PROmotion. So if you’re already using a PRO and want a faster, easier way to implement it (for example, post-injury or at baseline screenings), PROmotion is here to help. We’re administering COVID-19 screenings, wellness surveys, pain-scales, concussion symptom tracking and more with PROmotion.

PROmotion includes a pre-loaded survey library, with access to mental health surveys and other PROs that make the selection and interpretation process a cinch.

But wait…there’s more! Appointment scheduling, filtering results, exporting data, incorporating research, documenting follow-ups, displaying information, and more. Contact us today to check it out!

Is this a mobile application?

Yes! We’re on the iOS and GooglePlay app stores. Students, athletes and patients can download the app for free. PROmotion is also a mobile-friendly web application. Which means PROmotion can be used on any device, tablet, or computer. Hurray!

Getting Started

How much does PROmotion cost?

Pricing is based on the type of setting, size, and your specific needs. We can also offer grouping (conference, district, or health system-wide). Drop us a line and we’ll get you there.

Do my patients or athletes need to purchase anything?

Nope. The clinician/facility purchases a license, and use of PROmotion by users is free. Yay!

Ok, how do I get on board?

Contact us today, and we will be in touch to get you started!