High School Student Mental Health

Don’t overlook the mental health of your high school students. Screen your entire student body with PROmotion.

High School Student Mental Health

High school student mental health is one of the most overlooked parts of our society. Many people may think that the stresses a high school student undergoes can not be compared to the stresses of adult life. Regardless of how you may feel, the data presented tells a different story. 

In the light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many high school students began to struggle and have continued struggling with their mental health. In a survey conducted by the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 31 percent of students stated they experienced poor mental health for most or all days in the 30 days prior to this survey. Additionally, 44 percent stated they felt sad or hopeless every day for at least two weeks in a row. 

PROmotion Health LLC was founded on the idea that all mental health matters. That’s why we created PROmotion, and want to continue to help members of the community whose mental health may be overlooked. 

So, what can PROmotion do to help high school student mental health? How can you use PROmotion in your schools? Keep reading to find out!

PROmotion Raises Awareness

Many teachers or administrative staff may be unaware that their student body is suffering from mental health issues. PROmotion can raise awareness. With the purchase of a PROmotion license, your school can have access to hundreds of mental health and wellness surveys.

With access to these surveys and the PROmotion application, you can administer mental health and wellness surveys to mass groups of students. Whether you want to administer surveys to the entire student body, a specific grade, or just a few specific homerooms, PROmotion has options for all possibilities. This way, high school student mental health never falls by the wayside.

Administering surveys to a large number of students using PROmotion makes it easier for staff and administrators to understand how much of their student body is actually struggling with mental health

High School Student Mental Health Tracker

After administering mental health or wellness surveys, results are automatically calculated and categorized into green, yellow, and red flags, making the data easy to interpret.

In addition to categorizing the data for you, PROmotion contains features that make it easy to follow up with high school student mental health issues. Using PROmotion, you can easily add students to follow-up lists to streamline the referral process.

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High school student mental health is an important aspect of academic life. Do your part by understanding how your students are feeling. Connect with PROmotion today to get started!