Mental Health Screening in Exton

In such a busy town it’s easy to forget about mental health. Remind yourself with PROmotion!

With so many businesses in the area, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a quality mental health screening in Exton.

Regardless of all the offices and clinics nearby, conducting a mental health screening can still be time-consuming and confusing for both the patient and the provider. That’s why we created PROmotion.

PROmotion is a mental health screening tool specifically designed for a quick, accurate, and easy-to-understand process.

This way, even if you’re not a doctor, you can understand the results as they’re displayed to you, and even search for further treatment when necessary. 

Easy To Understand Results

Here at PROmotion Health, we believe that everybody’s mental health is equally important. That’s why we made PROmotion easy for everybody to understand. You don’t need to be a trained medical professional to understand our mental health screening in Exton.

When a screening or survey is completed on the PROmotion mobile application it is immediately fed through our grading and flagging system. Our grading and flagging system uses three easy to understand categories.

Each answer to each question will be assigned one of the three categories in our flagging system. A green flag means that the answer the participant gave is considered normal or in the normal range of answers. A yellow flag means the answer the participant gave is considered borderline or falls in between the normal and abnormal ranges of answers. Lastly, a red flag means the answer that the participant gave is considered abnormal or falls in the abnormal range of answers. 

These easy to understand results make it so that your results are right at your fingertips, you don’t have to jump through any hoops or wait to see them. In addition to our understandable grading system, PROmotion provides simple instructions for follow-up care, should your participant need it.

Both of these factors allow your mental health to be a priority in your life, making it easier to recognize the warning signs, as well as obtain treatment when needed.

More Than Mental Health

A mental health screening in Exton is only part of your well-being. Physical health can be just as important as mental health. Luckily, PROmotion offers you screenings and surveys for your physical health too. With the purchase of a PROmotion license, you’ll gain access to our survey library, which comes with hundreds of pre-loaded surveys regarding both mental and physical health. 

For example, our survey library includes

  • Covid-19 Screenings
  • Baseline Screenings
  • Post-Injury Screenings
  • Pain Scale Screenings
  • Concussion Symptom Tracking
  • And more!

With a variety of surveys and screenings promoting both mental and physical health, PROmotion is truly a one stop shop to total body wellness.

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