Patient Training Videos & FAQs

Welcome to PROmotion’s Patient Training Videos & FAQ Page

To register for PROmotion, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the PROmotion Health app on the Apple iOS (iPhone) or GooglePlay (Android) App stores for free:

o   Downloading the app is highly recommended.  If you cannot download the app on your phone, you can access it through the website on any device or computer:

o   Please “allow push notifications” when you download the app, so you can receive a notification when your athletic trainer or healthcare provider sends you surveys to complete.

  1. Open the app and click “Register”.  If you cannot download the mobile app on your phone, you can go to and click on “Patient Registration”.
  2. Enter your information on the registration page.Create your password and be sure to save it somewhere.
  3. You will need a Passphrase from your university, school or organization to register for PROmotion. Please contact your healthcare provider or administrator for the Passphrase.
  4.  The Passphrase is different than your personal password and School ID.
  5. School ID is YOUR personal School / Employee ID #.
  6. Complete the registration page and click “Register Now”.
  7. Once you have registered, open the app or go to and login using your email and the password you created.
  8.  Watch these videos for more information on registering and using PROmotion: